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Technology and Entertainment.

Highway Group is an umbrella of companies including Highway Entertainment, Arcooda, Converters. Tv, Highway Games and Arcade spare part.

Highway Group is Australia’s premier distributor for amusement machines and arcade parts from leading manufacturers such as Sega, Namco, Konami, Taito, Capcom, Gaelco, Comestero. With over 30 years experience in the arcade and amusement industry, you are guaranteed exceptional quality, customer service and reliability every time.

Researching and implementing the latest breakouts in Video and Audio matrixing and distribution, from the earliest low resolution display techniques through to the latest 21st Century digital multi-media devices, Converters.TV has led the way in marrying Industry, Education and Commerce to an ever-changing digital world.

In the last few years, we have been very active in research and development of several innovative machines for our Arcooda brand. We also provide advice and have partnered with several well-known global companies over the years.

Key Markets

Key Markets

Our specialization areas

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are key markets for our sales in a wide range of areas within the arcade amusement industry.
01. Arcade Machines.

Bringing the latest arcade machines, amusement machines, pinball machines, redemption machines and more to the arcade operator.

02. Arcade spare parts.

Spare Parts for coin operateed Arcade Machines including Music parts, Coin Mechs, Cash Handling Equipment, Wiring Harnesses , Joysticks, Pushbuttons, Cables, Switches, Adaptors and much more.

03. Video Conversion.

We specialise in hard to solve video mismatches, from PAL to NTSC, to MDA/EGA to VGA and a full range of video converter boards and custom designed LCD displays

04. Multimedia/Entertainment.

We provide matrix solutions for Video walls for large multimedia spaces, complex command and control operations, and for creating powerful viewing experiences for your important digital content.

05. Game Development.

Working with leading software publishers, Highway develops new and unique game software for the arcade and home gamer markets

06. Car and Video Accessories.

Convert your navigation screen to video, install the latest digital tv tuner for crystal clear viewing. convert an existing car navigation satnav screen into multimedia screens using our PAL/NTSC to RGB converters, as well as reverse cameras, LCD panels, tv tuners and more

07. Merchandise.

Supplying soft toys, keyrings, novelty products and factoy clearance merchandise all suitable for vending and crane machines.

Our Focus

Our Focus

Highway Sales aims to achieve customer satisfaction, quality and innovation. Our three main goals are interconnected as our high quality, innovative machines continue to result in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Throughout our 30 years in the arcade manufacturing industry, we have come to focus in on service. We believe your perception of a good quality arcade machine is also influenced by the fluidity in which you place your order, receive the machine and receive ongoing support from our team. We aim to ensure both our customer service and products are of the highest quality in the industry, resulting in an optimum experience for our customers.
Supply Us

Supply Us

Our business is only as good as our suppliers.

Highway Sales distributes products from a large variety of world-wide manufacturers. We are always on the look out for new products and ideas, so if you feel as if there is something you can offer us, please feel free to get in touch.
Our suppliers understand the importance of reliability, due diligence and integrity. Strong business and professional relationships are extremely important to us. We can help you make a difference and get your product known.

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